Yerington's Best Family Restaurant & Saloon

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Dinner Entrees
All Meals Served With: Choice Of Potato, Vegetable,
Soup Or Salad & Garlic Bread

Sherry’s Favorite Chicken $10.99
Two 4 oz. Chicken Breasts, Layered With Grilled Mushrooms &
Cheddarjack Cheeses. Topped With a Sweet, Mellow Orange Sauce.

Sherry’s Chicken Fried Steak $13.99
A Breaded ½ lb. Chicken Fried Steak, Deep Fried & Tender
Covered With Country Gravy Or Brown Gravy

Sherry’s Salisbury Steak $14.99
Sherry’s Chicken Fried Steak, Smothered With: Sautéed
Mushrooms & Diced Onions In A Buttery, Garlic, Brown Sauce

Jumbo Prawns $15.99
Six Extra Large Deep Fried Prawns
Served With: Your Choice Of: Sherry’s Original Tartar Or Cocktail Sauce

Poached Salmon $15.99
An 8 oz. Salmon Fillet, Gently Poached With: Almonds, Butter & Mandarin Oranges

4 Piece Deep Fried Cod Dinner $13.99
Four Beer Battered Deep Fried Cod Fillets
Served With: Your Choice Of: Sherry’s Original Tartar Or Cocktail Sauce

Shrimp Scampi, Cod & Prawns $16.99
2 Beer Battered Deep Fried Cod Fillets 2 Jumbo Prawns
And Sherry’s Original Shrimp Scampi

Served With:  Your Choice Of: Sherry’s Original Tartar Or Cocktail Sauce

Chuck Wagon Steak $13.99
½ lb Angus Burger Steak With Sautéed Onions & Mushrooms & Bacon. Covered With Brown Gravy. Served With Mashed Potatoes

Shrimp Fest $19.99
3 Jumbo Shrimp, 3 Tempura Shrimp, 3 Coconut Shrimp
And Our Delicious Shrimp Scampi

International Favorites
Served With Soup or Salad & Garlic Toast

Steak Marsalla $16.99
A Tender 10 oz. Grilled Ribeye Steak,
Served Over Pasta With A Flavorful Marsalla Mushroom Sauce

& Melted Mozzarella Cheese

Steak Parmesan $14.99
½ lb. Breaded, Deep Fried Steak Served Over A Bed Of
Fettuccini Pasta, Topped With Our Original Marinara Sauce
& Melted Mozzarella Cheese

Chicken Parmesan $13.99
Deep Fried Breaded Chicken Breast, Served Over A Bed Of
Linguini Pasta, Topped With Melted Mozzarella Cheese
& Our Original Marinara Sauce

Baked Ziti $10.99
Tender Ziti Pasta Baked With Mild Italian Sausage
And Sherry’s Zesty Marinara, Topped with Melted

Pepper Steak Fettuccini $15.99
Sliced Tri-Tip Steak Sautéed With Mushrooms, Bell
Peppers & Onions In A Merlot Wine Sauce Served Over Fettuccini

Pasta Angelica $10.99
Angel Hair Pasta, Lightly Tossed With Olive Oil, Garlic,
Black Olives, Shitake Mushrooms And Parmesan Cheese

Sizzling Chicken Or Steak Fajitas $16.99
Tender Steak Or Juicy Chicken Sautéed with Fresh Red & Green
Bell Peppers, Ortega Chilis, Onions & Mushrooms.
Served Sizzling With: Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa,
Cheddarjack Cheese, Jalapeno Slices & Flour Tortillas

Steaks & Prime Rib
Our All Angus Steaks Are Hand Cut To Order
Prime Rib & Steaks Served with:
(Choice Of Potato, Vegetable, Soup Or Salad & Garlic Bread)

Prime Rib $18.99            King Cut Prime $21.99
Grilled Ribeye $17.99      New York Strip $17.99

Jack & Peppercorn, Ribeye $20.99
A Flame Grilled 14 oz Ribeye: Topped With: Sherry’s Own
Sumptuous Jack Daniels, Peppercorn Sauce. Served On A Bed Of
Onion Rings With Bacon, Sautéed Onions & Mushrooms

Sherry’s Own “Blue Boy” $20.99
Flame Grilled 12 0z New York Strip
Topped With “Sherry’s Own” Melted Gorgonzola
Tequilla & Cream Cheese Sauce
Served On A Bed Of Onion Rings With Sautéed Onions,
Bacon & Mushrooms

Sherry’s “Cowboy Steak” $20.99
A Sizzling 14 oz Ribeye Served On A Bed Of Caramelized Onions
With Golden Mushrooms & Green Peppers Sautéed In A Marsalla Wine Sauce,

Topped With Cheddar Jack Cheeses & And Onion Rings. Served Sizzling!

Sherry’s “Bonanza” $20.99
We Start With A 12 oz Prime Rib Steak, Sautee It With Grilled Mushrooms & Onions

And Serve It With: 4 Large Deep Fried Prawns

Sherry’s “Hoss” $19.99
Flame Grilled 14 oz Ribeye Topped With:
Grilled Mushrooms & Onions

Sherry’s “Little Joe” $17.99
10 oz Ribeye Topped With Sautéed Mushrooms &
Melted Cheddar jack Cheeses

One Pound Porterhouse Steak $20.99

½ Pound Fillet Mignon $21.99

Includes One Dipping Sauce (Except**)
Mozzarella Sticks……………………….……..$6.99
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Poppers……...$6.99
Breaded Mushrooms………………………...$6.99
Parmesan Onion Rings………………………$6.99
Garlic Toasted Bruschetta Bread (4)….$4.99
**French Fry Basket…..$3.99
**Garlic Scampi Fries…$7.99
**Cheese Quesadilla…….…$3.99
**Large…$5.95 (Add Chicken) $2.00 (Add Steak) $3.00
Deep Fried Breaded Pickle Chips…$4.99

Sherry’s Stage Stop Sampler $17.99
Includes: Poppers, Parmesan Onion Rings,
Hot Wings, Breaded Mushrooms, Pickle Chips,
Mozzarella Sticks & 2 Chicken Tenders
Served With Three Dipping Sauces

Soft Drinks…$2.29
Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, Orange,
Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea, Sprite

Flavored Iced Teas: Raspberry Or Peach…$2.49

Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea Or Coffee …$1.99 (De-Cafe Coffee…$1.99)

Milk Or Juices (Large)…$2.50 (Small)…$1.50
*(Refills Not Included With Milk, Juices Or Hot Chocolate Or Shakes)*

Root Beer Float $3.99

Milk Shakes $4.95       Malted Milk Shakes $5.49

Soups & Salads
Cup…$2.99 Medium Bowl…$5.99
Large Bowl…$7.99
Green Salad…$2.95 Large House Salad…$5.99
(Served With Your Choice Of Dressing)

Chef Salad: $8.99
Mixed Greens, Ham, Turkey, Tomato, Carrots, Celery,
Onion & Egg Slices Topped With Shredded Cheddarjack Cheese

Cobb Salad: $8.99
(Mixed Greens, Tomato, Celery, Sliced Egg,
Bacon & Sliced Turkey & Black Olives
Topped With Crumbled Bleu Cheese)

“Sherry’s Own” Caesar Salad $8.99
Tender Romaine Lettuce With Asiago & Parmesan Cheeses
Tossed With Sherry’s Home Made Caesar Dressing

Chicken Caesar…$11.95   Steak Caesar…$13.99

Under cooked Meats, Poultry Or Seafood, (fish) May cause foodborne illnesses
Consuming alcoholic beverages may cause birth defects in pregnant women